Photo: Caitee Smith

Photo: Caitee Smith

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Photo: Caitee Smith

Photo: Caitee Smith

The Hydrating Products That Have Been Saving My Thirsty Skin

The Hydrating Products That Have Been Saving My Thirsty Skin

My entire life I've been sectioned under the dry skin type–no wait, let's make that extra dry skin type. No matter how much face cream I slathered onto my face thinking that was the solution to a gorgeous and smooth complexion, I was far from getting the results I longed for. Little did I know that I needed a whole lot more than just a hydrating face cream to really make a difference. Instead I continued to struggle with the uncomfortable tightness and gross flakiness that came with my dehydrated skin.

But one of the benefits of getting older is that I've learned of many amazing creams and products (Belif Witch Hazel Herbal Extract I'm looking at you!) that have been saving me from my former parched skin. It's taken me several years to find a routine that works, and though I'm still trying to fully figure it out, it definitely feels like I'm on the right track. Below are the products I've been loving and quenching my skin.

Photo by: Caitee Smith

Cleansing Oil

Cleansing oils are my jam! This one from Memebox is specifically for dry skin and it turns into a milky substance upon contact with water. I love that it removes my makeup and leaves my skin feeling clean and free of any tightness.

Memebox, I'm Cleansing Oil #01 Moist Oil for Dry Skin; $14

Toner for Dry Skin

This toner is unlike any other I've used before. It has a creamy consistency–like that of an essence– and I absolutely love how hydrated my skin feels immediately after. The one week I ran out my skin freaked out, so never again!

Belif Witch Hazel Herbal Extract Toner; $28

Hydrating Serum

I live for a hydrating serum with anti-aging effects. As you may already know, serums are designed to deliver powerful ingredients directly onto your skin, making them winners at giving amazing skin results. At the moment I'm using Korean brand Ramosu Oil Drop Serum. Once you rub it onto your skin it turns into a fast-absorbing oil and it's absolutely non-sticky.

Ramosu Oil Drop Serum, $12

A Sick Moisturizer

The Belif Moisture Bomb is my holy grail face cream and it definitely lives up to its name! Despite it being a thick cream, it doesn't feel heavy on my face–even in the summer because yes, my face is still dry in the summer (just not as extreme as winter), and it lasts me months as all I need is a dime size for my entire face and neck. Yaaassss!

Belif The True Cream Moisturizing Bomb; $38

A Moisturizing Face Oil

An oil is usually the last step to my nighttime routine. At the moment I am using the Way of Will face oil for dry skin, which contains a blend of jojoba, rosehip, and apricot kernel oils (among others) and it contains vitamins A, B, C, and E. What I love is the apricot oil is essentially for dry skin, while the jojoba oil is for acne prone and sensitive skin, giving me the best of both worlds. 

Way of Will 15 Dry Skin Face Oil; $22

Facial Mist

I used to be set on MAC's Fix Plus, but because so many brands have been launching their own facial mist, I've been obsessed with trying new ones. At the moment I'm using Pixi Glow Mist, which is just that! It's a mist that instantly refreshes and hydrates my face giving me a healthy from within glow. I've also used their Milky Hydrating Mist and let's just say I'll soon be restocking. Not to mention it smells dee-vine!

Pixi Glow Mist; $15

Pixi Hydrating Milky Mist, $15

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